Nova lenses

Nova lenses are available in over 25 countries worldwide. The Nova range offers a range of premium optical products, from advanced digitally surfaced varifocals to polarised sport lenses. The Nova collection provides a range of digital lenses to suit all patients. From premium to introductory designs, Nova gives an extensive choice to suit all patients. Nova lenses are available with a high quality anti-reflectant, scratch resistant coating that is very easy to clean.

Nova UHD

Nova UHD is the most premium freeform progressive lens currently available under the Nova brand. It has been developed using state of the art technologies and provides exceptional natural vision and lens aesthetics. Nova UHD offers ultra high definition and natural vision. The lens is made using the latest digital surfacing technology, and incorporates multiple innovations to deliver a high quality varifocal lens.

Nova Plus

The established Nova Plus lens  continues to be the perfect choice for a wide variety of patients.

Nova Plus lenses are produced using an advanced back surface aspheric, atoric design. This results in wider vision zones as the prescription is closer to the eye. This also brings a clearer image without distortion in the peripheral area, as there is reduced astigmatism.

Visio Digital

Visio Digital was developed to provide high quality vision at the entry level price bracket within the progressive lens market. Visio is designed for anyone wanting a modern, digitally-manufactured varifocal lens. Until now, the gap between the cost of traditional varifocals and this new technology has been considerable. Visio makes this technology much more accessible to patients, and makes Visio Digital a great choice for patients looking to move into digital design quality. Visio Digital  is a great all rounder you can dispense with confidence.