Satin Coatings

Satin coatings provide exceptional performance at a competitive price point, and are available through Essilor Labs.

Formulated and manufactured using the latest technology and techniques, these coatings represent a real alternative to other coatings where the dispense may be more price sensitive. Satin coatings provide a fantastic complete lens solution when applied to Nova lenses.

Satin +

Satin + is a high quality anti-reflection coating available through Essilor Labs. The coating provides exceptional performance in a wide range of categories and is formulated to be flexible, helping to prevent cracking and peeling. Many AR coatings can suffer these issues due to external pressure on the lens. The flexible Satin + coating withstands these pressures helping to maintain performance.

Satin + UV

All the features of Satin + with additional UV protection. Light rays fall on lenses from different directions, and this extra UV protection ensures that UV rays are absorbed from all sides. Satin + UV selectively filters out harmful UV light from the entire lens and provides crystal clear vision.

Satin + Blue

All the features of Satin + UV with additional blue light protection. Satin + Blue is a revolutionary anti-reflective coating that selectively filters blue violet light* and maintains clear vision through the lens.

*Blue violet light is between 400 and 455nm as stated by ISO TR 20772:2018