ZEISS lenses

Based in the heart of Birmingham, the ZEISS Vision Care business is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of optical goods. Combining ophthalmic expertise and dispensing solutions with an internationally recognised brand, we are dedicated to supporting our customers with the best quality optical products.

ZEISS Varifocals - Vision designed for your lifestyle

  • Lenses include up to 20 indivisual parameters to provide the widest fields of vision for each wearer in every situation.
  • Provide clear and natural vision for all viewing situations
  • Specially enhanced for use with digital devices

ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses - everyday lenses enhanced for driving

  • Reduced glare from street lights and oncoming cars by 64%
  • Improve vision whilst driving in poor weather and low-light conditions
  • Enable the wearer to quickly switch focus between the road, mirrors, and dashboard.

ZEISS lens coatings - better vision and appearance

  • DuraVision Platinum: the hardest ZEISS coating protects your lenses against scratches and dirt
  • Blue cosmetic finish for reduced surface reflections and clearer vision
  • NEW DuraVision BlueProtect: reduces the transmission of blue-violet light into the eye