Essilor lenses

Essilor lenses have always been designed to provide the best possible visual experience to wearers. Constant innovation is at the heart of this mission and has lead to two consecutive Silmo d'or awards.

Varilux X Series

For the first time, Varilux X series delivers wearer's near vision depth. Meaning patients seamlessly capture every detail within arm's reach, as well as beyond. Available with a new personalisation parameter to enhance Varilux® X design™, Near Vision Behaviour. The Near Vision Behaviour measurement takes into account a wearer’s behaviour and posture while replicating a reading task, ensuring that their own vision volume is positioned and shaped where and how they need it.

Essilor Eyezen

Eyezen lenses are a range of lenses designed for consumers living a life filled with technology. Eyezen lenses combine two Essilor innovations - Eye Protect System, and Eyezen Focus. Find out more about Essilor's innovative Eyezen lens by watching the video here.

Essilor Optifog

Essilor's Optifog coating combines two patented technologies to create their unique anti-fog system. These two patents are a smart cloth with anti-fog molecules, and Optifog lens treatment. Using the cloth with the coating activates the anti-fog properties of the lens. To keep these lenses working at their optimum performance it is recommended to clean the lenses with the smart cloth every day.

Glasses wearers are likely to experience steamed up lenses in a variety of different scenarios. Fogged up lenses can last for a long time and result in blurred vision with some wearers even having to resort to removing their glasses. Optifog gives wearers the benefit of fog-free vision all day thanks to a couple of wipes from the smart cloth each morning.