Stock lenses

We supply a wide range of stock lenses that are available for instant purchase from our vehicles. Our stock lenses are available with a variety of treatments and coatings including Transitions photochromic and HMC.

1.5 Stock

1.50 index, or CR39 as the material is also known, is a plastic polymer that is about half the weight of glass. It also has a higher impact resistance than glass and boasts a high Abbe value which yields low chromatic aberration. For all of these reasons, CR39 has been the principle material for the production of eyeglasses and sunglasses since its discovery.

1.6 Stock

These lenses are ideal for higher prescriptions and will be approximately 36% thinner than standard CR39 plastic lenses. They are lighter, look better, and will work well with thinner metal frames. They are stronger and more shatter resistant than CR39 whilst also offering a more aesthetically pleasing result.

1.67 Stock

This material is ideal for higher prescriptions, and will be up to 40% thinner than a standard plastic lens. Because the lens is thinner and lighter it means that more delicate frames can be used, and the resulting eyeglasses will be even thinner than with a 1.60 index material.