A unique approach

Elite Lens Express gives you access to the full range of services through Sinclair Optical whilst retaining one point of contact - your mobile sales representative. They are in the lab daily and have access to the lab systems through their in-car technology should you have any order queries.


Here at Sinclair Optical, our glazing skills are famous in the market. These skills are accessible to your practice through the Elite Lens Express van service. We can pick up your frames from your practice - significantly reducing transportation damage risk - and deliver them back to you glazed with the required lenses. Receiving high quality glazing services has never been easier.


We still surface lenses in house at Sinclair Optical. We will often bring this element of lens ordering in house to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality lenses, passing our own rigorous quality assurance inspections along the way. Our customers know that they can rely on us to provide them with the highest quality surfaced lenses for each and every job.

Remote Edging

Many of our customers still operate in house glazing. For these practices we are able to offer a remote edge service, along with tracing equipment deals for easier access to this resource. Our remote edging equipment is fastidiously calibrated daily to ensure that every remote edge lens supplied by us is a perfect fit every time.